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The summer is about fun in the sun with good times with family and friends. At ACT Academy, we are offering our students that an opportunity to get ahead and make the most of their time in the summer. The ACT Academy S.T.A.R.T Program to strengthen your skills in Math & Literacy while having a good time. Earn grades towards Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies for the fall.

How does the program work...

The program has 4 components. Flocabulary, iReady, weekly scavenger hunts and weekly trips...


Every week you will have to an assignment based on "The Week in Rap" which summarizes the week's current events. Here is a sample video

The assignment will consist of completing graphic organizers answering an open-ended question.


To strength your math and literacy skills. iReady provides personalized student instruction targeted to students’ unique areas of needs and mobile apps to boost achievement.Based on the results of the i-Ready® Diagnostic, students are automatically placed into student instruction customized to their placement levels. These online lessons provide a consistent best-practice lesson structure and build conceptual understanding, in addition to being engaging and fun for learners of all levels.

Students must complete 45 minutes a day in Math and Literacy.

Weekly Scavenger Hunts

Each week students will be given a mission based on the weeks theme. Students with the most votes [likes] on their scavenger hunt submission will win prizes like gift certificates. The scavenger hunts and weekly assignment will be published via Tackk. Your friends and family can vote for your submission.

Weekly Trips

Once a week we will meetup at our campus and go on a day trip that is associated to our theme of the week.

How to use the Graphic Organizers...